Ten TV Shows Every Guy Should Watch



By the end of its eighth, and what was thought to be at that time, final season of 24, I could understand why people were growing tired of the show and its familiar tropes. There was always a mole somewhere in CTU. Outrageous or uninteresting subplots filled in the gaps between the action (remember Kim and the cougar?). And no one ever believed Jack until it was almost too late. Yet what I’ve realized with 24, especially since it’s come back with 24: Live Another Day this year, is that at its best, 24 is an intense, suspenseful thriller, and at its worst, it can become a mindless action movie. As a male, that’s a TV show that speaks to me on both fronts (although, for the record, Live Another Day has been much more of the “good” 24 than the “bad”). And ultimately, you’ve got Jack Bauer at the center of it all, and who doesn’t want to watch Jack break a dude’s neck with his legs or hear him yell out his favorite catchphrase over and over again (you know what I’m talking about)?

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