Fifteen Memorable Bullies in Movies


So recently I watched A Christmas Story.  And even though I watch the movie 24 hours a day during Christmas time, it’s great any time of year.Clearly tit’s one of your all time classics around the holidays.  But what particularly drew my attention this 368th time around, was Scut Farkus.  Man was he a vicious little bully huh?  Those eyes, those braces.  He was perfect.  Although I do think the line “when I tell you to come, you better come” rubs me the wrong way. In any event, it reminded how awesome the role of bully is in movies.  Which is why I came up with good list of 15 memorable bullies in movies.

Scut Farkus in A Christmas Story

Amazingly enough this guy (Zack Ward) had a career after this movie.  Also have to give a shout out to his little twink sidekick Grover Dill.

Melvin Moody – My Bodyguard

This is a classic role by Matt Dillon.  He was great at playing a dick back in his early days.  This is definitely an overlooked movie in my opinion.  I mean the guy was so mean he forced the main character to hire a bodyguard.  Now that’s serious stuff man.

Johnny Lawrence in Karate Kid

Do I even have to mention this?  Zabka, the ultimate 80’s badboy.  We could also give him two more spots with Greg Tolan from Just one of the Guys and Chaz from Back to School.

Mike Barnes – Karate Kid III

If you ask me this movie had way to many weird sexual undertones but that’s me.  Even so, Barnes was definitely an extremely hateable character.  This guy (Sean Kanan) wound up doing Soap Operas.

Rick Sandford in Angus

Another overlooked bully role played by James Van Der Beek.  Van Der Beek was the pretty boy blond role in the teenage comedy Angus.  If you haven’t seen it I suggest you do because that blond geeky chick from Jurassic Park looks pretty decent in it.

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