Ten Things You Didn’t Know about the Movie Titanic

Titanic 4

I’m a huge film nerd who owns so many DVDs that they literally need their own separate room for storage. One movie that I always remember watching when I was younger (although I probably shouldn’t have been watching it at my age) is Titanic, and even though I’ve seen countless movies that I would argue are better than Titanic in the years since I’ve watched it, you can’t dismiss the sheer cultural impact that the film on the American public. Titanic united both male and female moviegoers – guys who wanted to watch a tense, gripping, story about a historical tragedy and girls who loved the romance between Jack and Kate (and who loved looking at Leonardo DiCaprio even more). So much has been discussed and debated about the film since its release 17 years ago that you would think there’s nothing left to talk about with regard to it. However, here are ten things you might not have known about Titanic.

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