The Top Ten Steven Seagal Movies

Actor Steven Seagal attends the abolition of nuclear weapons concert.

Under Siege

“These guys are professionals. They can handle twenty marines and a hundred cooks!” That line alone earns Under Siege a spot on this list, but then you also put Tommy Lee Joness and Gary Busey into a film with Seagal and you’re getting pretty close to perfection. Seagal is Casey Ryback, the chef on a battleship, and he partners up with stripper Jordan Tate (played Erika Eleniak, whose most memorable scene in this movie is her coming out a cake in a pretty spectacular state of undress). Ultimately, if you find Seagal blowing things up, Seagal ripping out people’s throats, or Gary Busey cross-dressing entertaining, you’re going to like Under Siege. It’s essentially a crazier form of Die Hard on at sea – how could that possibly be bad?

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