The Top Ten Steven Seagal Movies

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Out for Justice

In Out for Justice, Seagal’s  partner and friend Bobby is gunned down in the street in front of his family by mobster Richie Madano, causing  Seaga (who plays a detective named Gino in the film) to track down Madano by himself and get justice for the death of his friend. Richie is a crazy and reckless goon, and Seagal stops at nothing to find him, leaving bodies upon bodies in his wake. By the end of Out for Justice, Seagal beats the crap out of bunch of guys in a bar for simply disrespecting him, cleaves a man’s leg in a butcher shop, and also shoots a man’s shin off during the film’s bloody, final showdown. It’s Seagal being Seagal, and it’s great stuff.

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