The Top Ten Steven Seagal Movies

 Steven Seagal And Thunderbox Plays Shepherds Bush Empire

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

Sequels are typically never as good as their original films, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory isn’t nearly as good as the first Under Siege. However, it’s still a hilariously campy thriller that sees Seagal returning as Casey Ryback, who must transport his estranged niece (who is weirdly enough played by a young Katherine Heigl) to her parents funeral via train. Of course, Casey stumbles into the middle of a nuclear weapons hijacking, and therefore must take care of all the bad guys while protecting his niece. Under the Siege 2: Dark Territory makes the list of top Steven Seagal movies because of lines of dialogue like “You think this is being shot? This isn’t being shot!” after Seagal suffers a bullet wound and the sheer amount of henchmen that Seagal throws off a cliff throughout the film.

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