The Top Ten Steven Seagal Movies

Steven Seagal And Thunderbox Plays Shepherds Bush Empire

Fire Down Below

Seagal’s initial occupation in Fire Down Below as a missionary helping out a small town on the Church’s behalf may seem strangely un-Seagal at first. but not too long into the film, it’s revealed that Seagal’s Jack is an undercover EPA agent who must protect the town’s land from the toxic waste being dumped by a large mining company.  The movie is worth the watch to see Seagal at his most studly as he easily romances Marg Helgenberger’s Sarah and his most effortlessly awesome, as he pretty dispatches all his enemies with his fists or other objects instead of shooting them with gun. Plus, there’s the incredibly fake and cheesy-looking toxic waste that is sure to make you laugh upon seeing it.

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