The Top Ten Steven Seagal Movies

Rush Hour 2 Premiere

Marked for Death

“I’m a freaking made man.” “God made man!” You really can’t get better than Seagal movies for sheer, unabashed campy dialogue, can you? But that’s not what makes Marked for Death so good. The film boasts a terrific main villain in Screwface and his band of murderous minions, who end up landing on Seagal’s radar after they shoot his young niece. It’s these types of revenge-fueled missions that are my favorite Seagal films, as they allow for him to go completely berserk and unleash his inner Hulk. I mean, the guy gets to use sniper rifles and samurai swords in this movie – that’s pretty great. Marked for Death also gets bonus points for having Danny Trejo show up, even if it’s only for a quick appearance.

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