The Top Ten Steven Seagal Movies

Actor Steven Seagal attends the abolition of nuclear weapons concert.

Hard to Kill

After stopping a planned assssination of a senator, Seagal’s Mason Storm becomes the villain’s next target as they come into his house and try to kill him while he’s with his wife. Mason is shot but ends up in a coma for seven years. However, his wife isn’t so lucky and dies on the scene. When Mason wakes up from his almost decade-long nap, he goes on a killing revenge rampage. Hard to Kill offers a lot of shotgun fire, hilarious lines (“The deader he is the safer he is.), and thrilling car chases. I mostly remember it for the hotness of Kelly Le Brock as Seagal’s nurse in the film,  Dean Norris of Breaking Bad being choked to death with his own tie, and Seagal’s awesome coma beard.

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