Five Things You Didn’t Know about Dolph Lundgren

"The Expendables" Japan Movie Premiere

He almost killed Sylvester Stallone

But during filming of Rocky IV, Lundgren and Stallone decided to stop “faking it” and fight real on camera for about fifteen seconds, but apparently Lundgren hit Stallone so hard during that time that he ended up having to be taken into intensive care at a London hospital for nine days with life-threatening injuries to his heart. Supposedly, the insurance company for the filmĀ didn’t want to pay Stallone’s claim because they said the injury was more in line with a head-on car crash. “I said, ‘Well, have you seen Dolph Lundgren? That’s a truck. That’s a steering wheel. That’s a head-on collision,'” Stallone said. “They honored the insurance claim.”

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