Embarrassing 80s Songs That Rule: “Arrestedy by You” by Rupert Hine


With this new segment we’re going to examine some incredible 80s songs that most of us would probably be embarrassed to play in front of people but by ourselves we would totally rock out to.  My stance is to never be embarrassed by any song that you like.  If a song rules, then it rules, period.  And this song?  This song absolutely rules.

There’s just something very soothing about “Arrested by You” by Rupert Hine.   And let me tell you men out there.   It’s absolutely OK to like this song.   It just has a nice melody to it doesn’t it?   And I don’t care what you guys think.   If it’s good enough to be in one of the best 80s movies of all-time, Better off Dead then it’s automatically awesome in my book.     For all of you reading this…curl up in a ball, light a candle, and play this song thinking about that special someone.  Because it’s OK to do that.  We’re letting you.

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