The 10 Best Cartoon Mustaches of All-Time

Captain Hook

Captain Hook (Peter Pan)

Snorry to any women (Bueller? Bueller?) reading this article, but I’m not talking about Once Upon a Time’s Captain Hook, who I’m pretty sure 99% of the female population is in love with. No, I’m talking about the cartoon version of Captain Hook from the 1953 Peter Pan film. The villain wants to kill Peter Pan and all of the Lost Boys. The villain who’s absolutely terrified of crocodiles. The villain’s whose mustache is literally so thin that it had to be drawn in by pencil at the very last second (even though drawing with a pencil was a big part of how they did animation back in the day). What I like so much about Hook’s mustache is that almost mimics his hook – it’s sharp, thin, and pointy and shows, from a character standpoint, how much that hook he has for a hand really defines him.

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