The 10 Best Cartoon Mustaches of All-Time

Papa Smurf

Papa Smurf (The Smurfs)

Okay, while Papa Smurf doesn’t technically have a mustache (it’s more of a beard), I had to put him on this list for two reasons. Reason #1: He’s the only Smurf with any type of facial hair, and I think that’s just hilarious and needs to be talked about. Reason #2: He’s one of the wisest cartoon characters ever. Papa Smurf’s fluffy white facial hair, along with his red pants and hat, isn’t just supposed to make him look like Santa. No, what makes Papa Smurf’s facial  hair so great is that it’s a sign of wisdom to all the other Smurfs. It shows that Papa Smurf has lived, he’s seen some stuff, and so if you need any help or advice, he’s the guy to go to first for help.

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