The 10 Best Superhero Performances in Movies

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Almost every week, it seems as if a new superhero movie is hitting theaters. We’ve already had Captain America: The Winter Soldier,  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past so far this year, and before the summer is over, we’ll also be treated to Guardians of the Galaxy and a new Sin City film. Although some of these comic book flicks are less successful than others (I’m talking about you, Green Lantern), so many more are memorable and enjoyable movie-going experiences that owe a great deal to their lead actors and actresses, who fully embody the roles of these larger-than-life heroes. Especially in recent years, we’ve seen some incredibly talented actors give amazing performances as members of the Marvel and DC universes. In my opinion, here are the 10 best superhero performances in movies.

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