Whatever Happened to Leroy Green from The Last Dragon? Taimak


Does anyone remember the classic 1985 Karate movie The Last Dragon?  It was a movie based in Harlem that showcased two competing masters of martial arts.  The star, Leroy Green, played by Taimak is to save the lovely Laura Charles (played by Vanity) from an evil media mogul. But in order to do so he must face Shonuff (played by Julius Carry).   I can’t tell if this movie was more of a spoof or a 100% racially profiled movie.  You see Asian guys trying to act like hip hop rap guys from the 80’s.  Then they make fun of a black guy for trying to be Asian.

And since when are the rulers of Harlem Karate masters?   In any event it’s still a classic (plus William H. Macy is in this movie).   From the music, to the amount of celebrities that were in this movie that you’d simply not even notice, to the actually pretty decent fighting scenes, it will always remain an 80s classic.   So whatever happened to Leroy Brown anyway?

Well, Taimak appeared as a Bartender in Beverly Hills 90210 in 1999-2000.    He’s now 49 years old and seems to be alright.   Still acting and still doing martial arts.  I wonder if he still has the Golden Glow like he does in this scene

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