An Interview with “Cherry Pie” Video Model Bobbie Brown


She was the beautiful “Cherry Pie” girl in hair metal band Warrant’s infamous music video. Bobbie Brown became an overnight pinup when the video went into heavy rotation on MTV. She even married Jani Lane, lead singer of Warrant. If you want to read about it all, Bobbie wrote a thoroughly candid and uncensored memoir, “Dirty Rocker Boys.”

We had a chance to catch up with Brown whose latest venture is taking Dares for crowdfunding good deeds show Darelicious. The Ex-Wives of Rock star was dared to do stand up comedy and we dared to ask her some questions that we know you’ll want the answers to.  Here they are….

Photo via Thomas O’Brien

What was it like being Miss Louisiana Teen USA?

It was fun and new for me as I never had been in pageants before, I thought it was a little bizarre as well. But a very fun experience overall.

How did you first enter show business?

I would have to say through Miss Teen USA. I said I wanted to model as one of my top five questions and from there set up interviews with agents in California right after. I graduated high school and moved out to CA soon thereafter and just started booking jobs; mostly videos, then star search….

What was it like working on Married with Children?

Everyone was very laid back and welcoming very nice and cordial. It was a very chill set and they had me back time and again. Very fun time.

Tell us about Darelicious – the show, your role, how got you got involved, etc etc….

Darelicious is an avenue to do a good deed and absolutely embarrass the crap out of anyone!!! this is how i’m looking at it the show is my family, my life and I am very grateful to have it. Lorraine Lewis and Lisa Brucker had this show idea years ago and after seeing me on vh1’s “do it for the band – the women of the sunset strip” they contacted me to discuss their idea and to see if I would be interested in doing it. It took a few years, some trial and error, but it came to fruition and got picked up first in Canada by Slice network and shortly after by Fuse network here in the states. We’re not scripted actresses and my role is basically who i am day to day in my regular life years after the limelight and fame from being married to a rock star and top model. you see the good the bad and the ugly, but for real. we don’t’ deny the audience anything and it’s more documentary style than that of a scripted show. i would say my role is that of the loud crude bad decision maker with a big heart, and a foul mouth . hahaha. its a fun show , real, with a big heart too. and totally funny….I’d love it even if I weren’t on it honestly…

What is the craziest dare you’ve ever gone through?

The craziest dare…Hmmm. David Allen Grier once dared me to go buy a cheeseburger and throw it on the stage at a strip club after this tiny girl came out , we were there for a birthday I believe.  And I did . We got thrown out….

What is the craziest dare you’ve asked someone to do?

Get naked on a dance floor…..

You’ve been exposed to the “rocker lifestyle” more than most people having dated numerous rock stars. What’s it like?

LOL I’m going to do my stand up routine on this topic exactly. So if the dare happens you should ……wait for it……….

You’ve admitted to being an addict in your memoirs. What advice do you have for people who suffer from addiction?

To have a strong support system of friends and family or anyone willing to be there for you when you feel weak. Tt’s hard to do things alone…..

One final question: Everyone from my generation wants to know the answer to this one. Did you use a body double at all in the Cherry Pie video? I mean I know people who literally paused the video on their VCRs frame by frame trying to figure it out.

Hahah. Really?! come on…NOOOOOOOO of course not. Why would I need a body double for that? Although i may have actually liked to have one for the hose spraying scene . That HURT….. I said after the first take. That’s it! Hope you got it because I’m not doing it a second time!! lol

Here’s a chance to take a gamble on Bobbie!

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