Whatever Happened to Long Duk Dong From Sixteen Candles?


It’s amazing how time flies. The same guy that uttered the unforgettable line “What’s Happenin’ Hot Stuff?” is now 58 years old. His name? Gedde Watanabe. “Where is my automobile?” Man I loved the Donger. As I watched 16 Candles for the 515th time I realized that the movie really isn’t all that good save for the Donger and Anthony Michael Hall’s character, “The Geek.” Yes that’s right, we never found out his name in the movie.  It’s actually credited as The Geek.

So what is Watanabe up to now? He’s still going strong as an actor.  Well not as strong as his 80s days where the Donger and his character in Gung Ho made us all laugh and smile.  You may have even caught him as recently as a few years ago in Forgetting Sarah Marshall as a hotel manager. By the way.  Here’s something I totally forgot. He was in an episode of Seinfeld in 1996. How about that?

Remember when Kramer hosted all those guys from Japan in his apartment and had them sleep in dresser drawers?  Yup, Watanabe was one of the guys.  He was the dude who wanted a snooze.  “Come back later.”

I miss the Donger. Donger needs food.  And of course we have a video!

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