I Really Miss The Days When Jim Carrey Was Funny: Watch This Exit from Letterman

For those of you in the right generation (and we’re not talking Mr. Popper’s Penguins generation) remember how unbelievably funny Jim Carrey used to be?  From his days at In Living Color to his triumphant beginning of Ace Ventura, to comedy classic Dumb and Dumber, there’s a reason this guy used to make $20 Million a movie.  And it’s not from him playing serious roles like on The Truman show or even the heroin addict in The Deal Pool.

It’s because Carrey was an original.  He utilized a brand of comedy no one had ever seen before.  It was the combination of the way he talked, his physical comedy, and uncanny ability to do impressions that won most of us over.  While Carrey suffered the same fate as many comedians do (think Adam Sandler), he simply grew up.  Carrey still does some funny stuff.  He’s got that quirky personality and looks zany on a stage, but let’s face it team:  a Lloyd Christmas he will never, ever be again.

But I rejoice and remember a time when Carrey was officially awesome.  Thankfully someone posted this video of when Carrey was at his peak back in 2000 on Letterman.  This very well might be the best talk show exit of all time.  Fast forward to the 6:50 mark.  Make sure you also go to Youtube as embedding was disabled on this video.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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