One of the Best Family Feud Fails in the History of Everything

If you’ve ever watched Family Feud I’m sure you know the kinds of blunders families have had over the years.  From sexual undertones to answers that simply boggle the mind.  But that’s the whole point right?  The pressure of time makes a human being answer questions in a way that they’re not used to thus making some of the things that roll off their tongues quite funny.

Since the show’s inception we’ve seen the likes of Richard Dawson harass the women, Louie Anderson be loud and annoying, that Ray guy who was in the movie Overboard and isn’t with us anymore, the dude from Home Improvement, and now Steve Harvey.  We’re pretty sure that even Harvey himself did not see this undeniably epic fail coming.

And we’re pretty sure that even Harvey himself can attest to how horrific a final round this family had.  Honestly we can’t even give you that good a description.  We’re going to let this video speak for itself and you guys can take to the comments.

Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

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