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Feb 18 2014

When You Know It’s Time To Give Up On Your Sports Team

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We’ve said it many times before—it’s not easy being a sports fan.

With no control over the decisions that front-offices or athletes make—like demanding a trade, signing a contract with another team or, in the case of an amateur athlete, deciding where they’ll go to college—things can be tough on staying true to your squad.

Still, one would assume that there are few times when it’s time to just completely jump ship, right?


Just read these and see when it should be accepted for you to turn your back and find a different franchise to start cheering for.

5. When Thinking About the Past


As a Cleveland sports fan, it’s honestly depressing to know that it’s the 50th Anniversary of the last championship in a major sport of that great sports town.

And while it’s even more difficult realizing that the state of each team in the city right now isn’t very optimistic in breaking that slump, there’s nothing like looking back on all the missed opportunities they have had in the past, only adding salt to a bloody wound.

If you find yourself doing this and being more discouraged, maybe it’s time to start shopping around for a team with better success in the past decade than the one you’re currently dealing with.

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