. Ever Wonder What Your Ear Wax Says About You? |

Feb 18 2014

Ever Wonder What Your Ear Wax Says About You?

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Researchers have dug deep into the ears of volunteers to study a revolting but potentially promising new way to get clues about a person’s identity and habits. The team of organic chemists says earwax is a “neglected body secretion” that can reveal a person’s ethnicity and possibly much more information, Fox News reports. When they heated earwax samples from volunteers to release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the researchers found that the earwax of Caucasians, which tends to be wet, could easily be told apart from the wax of those of East Asian descent, which is usually dry, with the former containing heavier amounts of 11 of the dozen VOCs they tested for. [Continue Reading]

Admit you thought this article was going to be so much better than it was. It’s times like these that make me feel very smart. Like I don’t need to melt ear wax to tell the difference between a white dude and an asian dude. Just saying….

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