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Feb 17 2014

5 Ballers Who Became Famous Thanks to the NBA Slam Dunk Contest

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With this past weekend being the NBA All-Star Game—which, as of press time, hadn’t yet happened—we’re taking a look back on a few guys who participated in the most fun part of the entire weekend; the Slam Dunk Contest.

While there have been plenty of unforgettable moments that dropped jaws and got fans and judges out of their seats. There have also been a few guys who took advantage of the contest by becoming household names just for their slamming ability.

Much like a one-hit wonder in music, here are five players who fans only know because of some wild throw downs.

5. Harold Miner

1995 Slam Dunk Contest

Miner may have been nicknamed “Baby Jordan,” but besides some phenomenal dunks to capture both the ’93 and ’95 dunk contests, the former guard wasn’t anything spectacular.

Hell, some fans even forget about him being anything other than a professional dunker because of his two victories.

With a career scoring average of just 9.0 points per game in four seasons, Miner goes down in dunk contest lore.

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