. A Conversation With Hinge Founder Justin McLeod | - Part 2

Feb 14 2014

Find Your Valentine With the Hinge App

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3. Any success stories that you’ve heard from the app so far? Engagements or Marriages?

Yes, tons! In fact one of my best friends just told me four of her co-workers who all met their boyfriends/girlfriends on Hinge. And of course we’ve received a lot of messages from users telling us they are now in relationships because of Hinge. That said we’ve only been out a year (and most our users joined in the last three months) so not too many engagements or marriages—yet!

4. Hinge is currently in D.C, Philly, NY, SF, Chicago, and Boston. Why did you choose these cities first, and what’s the strategy behind launching in waves?

We’re the turtle, not the hare, in the race for market share. We prefer to grow slowly (city by city) with a quality product that we know is effective, and get the right people using it in each new market from day one. Being a friends-of-friends dating app, it’s important our early users are influencers who have a lot of friends and can make a lot of great connections. Then we can grow organically from there. (Incidentally, our next city is Atlanta, launching Feb 27.).

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