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Feb 14 2014

Find Your Valentine With the Hinge App

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While Valentine’s Day might not mean as much to some dudes as it does to the ladies, that still doesn’t mean us guys don’t feel lonely reading Facebook and Twitter updates about how much love is in the air with some of our friends.

And although we may not sit around and watch rom-com’s with a bottle of red wine by ourselves because we’re single tonight, it’s a fact that everybody needs someone to love—as the Blues Brothers once famously said.

It’s difficult to find that special someone by going to bars, talking amongst the other drunks and hoping that you’re able to snatch that one person who actually remembers your name in the morning. And it can be worse when getting set-up by a friend or, gulp, your parents because someone, “Is smart, funny and driven.”

And while we’ve written about the hook-up app Tinder before, for those really looking for something more substantial than just a booty call, try your hand at the app Hinge, because it’s changing the perception of social dating.

We got the chance to sit down and talk with Founder of Hinge, Justin McLeod, who told us everything from how the app works, to what celebs he wishes he’d be lucky enough to potentially get matched with.


1. Fair or not, people are probably going to compare Hinge with Tinder. Can you talk about how the two are different?

Hinge helps you find the right person, instead of any person right now. We don’t feed you an endless stream of random strangers who happen to be nearby; instead we curate a daily batch of your friends’ single friends, taking into account everything from their religion to their attractiveness level to their job to the friends you have in common.

Put simply, Hinge is like meeting a few great people at friend’s houseparty, rather than meeting everyone you pass on the street. So if you’re looking to go on great dates or to find a relationship, we believe Hinge is definitely the more trusted, more effective way to go.

2. Your app is supposed to make dating easy, and uses a crazy back end algorithms and data scientists to help match users up with friends-of-friends who share similar interests. Can you talk about how that works?

Your daily batch of five to 15 matches is curated from your extended friend network—mostly friends of friends. (Still today the number one way couples meet is through friends, and we’re not here to fix what isn’t broken). Your friends say a lot about you, from your background to your personality to your hobbies.

Beyond just looking at social connections, we also consider factors from your Facebook profile (likes, education history, occupation) as well as additional factors attributes users provide within the app (height, religion, ethnicity, interests). We also, of course, consider attractiveness level.

Finally, Hinge is constantly getting smarter. Every day you go through your batch, we get a little better at understanding your tastes. So if you always like women who work in a medical profession, but but have a thing against anyone who went to an SEC school, we can learn that and refine your matches over time.

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