. A Bunch of Valentine's Day World Records.. Yawn |

Feb 14 2014

A Bunch of Valentine’s Day World Records.. Yawn

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Stumped for a Valentine’s Day gift? If you can’t find the right card, can’t express your love with flower, and don’t want to purchase candy, there’s another thing you can give your beloved — a Guinness World Record. Try for the world’s longest kiss. Win or lose, it makes for a memorable day, and it shouldn’t cost much more than a box of caffeine pills. It’ll be cheap, but not easy. The current record-holding smooch is 58.35 lip-smacking hours, set in Thailand last V-day by Ekkachai Tiranarat and Laksana Tiranarat. They competed against nine other couples, including a pair of septuagenarian smoochers. [Continue Reading]

I guess if you were kissing Kate Upton 58.35 hours wouldn’t be enough, but who does that? And what happened after 53.35 hours. Did someone pass out? Did they kiss while crapping. That sucks dude. The thought of that just annoys me. I need my privacy

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