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Feb 13 2014

5 NFL Players Who Have Actually Lived Up To Their Big Contracts

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Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos September 30, 2012 Photos - Peter Brouillet

It’s really no secret that the majority of pro athletes make very good money—and when we say “very good,” we mean that it’s millions of dollars.

And while there are a handful of guys who get paid at least seven digits and make out on the winning end because they underperform, there are some who don’t wilt to the pressure of living up to such a mega-deal.

Sure, handing a rookie millions of dollars is risky in and of itself, but when a veteran doesn’t succeed, it’s just a depressing thing for the entire franchise and its fans.

No need to worry, though, because here are five NFL guys who actually walked the walk following a deal that made them lots of cash—using the highest-paid players from 2013 as the list to choose from.

5. Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers

2013 Salary: $15.3 Million


Now it’d be a little silly to sit here and try to make Philip Rivers into something that he’s not—elite.

While that might come off as a knock on him, it’s just a fact, and shouldn’t be taken look at as any disrespect. The truth is—though not in that upper-echelon of quarterbacks—the San Diego signal-caller is still way above average, using a blue-collar attitude and tough leadership style to get the job done.

Sure, he had a few down years in the past—well, in his standards—but he remains a guy who can lead his Chargers against anyone.

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