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Feb 11 2014

The Biggest Problems in Sochi 2014—So Far

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We’re guessing that you’ve at least caught yourself watching the Winter Olympics in the past few days since the opening ceremony last Friday night.

And while there have been a number stories leaked from the Games not only in the days since athletes have been in Sochi, but even before that, we’re counting down the biggest problems the Olympics has seen thus far—and surprisingly, there have been plenty.

5. The Malfunctioning at the Opening Ceremony


In case you missed the opening ceremonies, than you may not have seen the little malfunction of the Olympic rings expanding from their original snowflake form in some radical effect.

Not sure how you could have, though, especially after seeing the Internet was blowing up about it directly after it happening and people already making t-shirts with the mishap on them.

It might have just been a small blip, but, like others on this list, might just be the perfect example of why Sochi is underprepared to host an event this massive.

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