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Jan 22 2014

Awkward Moments That Happen When Unemployed

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It’s no secret that being unemployed is a complete bummer.

It causes stress, anxiety and a whole bunch of changes in order for someone to try and enjoy their life without spending too much cash.

After hearing about one of our friends who just got laid-off last week—yes, just two weeks into the New Year—we couldn’t help but sympathize for her.

And while the job search will undoubtedly be rough on her, one thing that’s bound to happen are these awkward moments that every unemployed person goes through.

5. Learning Your True Worth

intern serves coffee

While it might be exciting to get a new job interview and put yourself out there, it’s never fun—or easy—to hear what an employer actually thinks of you once you actually leave the room and get an offer.

Rather than come at you with a full-time, highly paid offer that meets your expectations, they low-ball you with something that’s actually a little insulting.

Oh yeah, and if you get the job, you better believe you’ll be bored out of your mind and realize that, at 30, you’re doing the same things you did as a 21-year-old intern.

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