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Jan 14 2014

The Biggest Liars and Cheats and Jerks in Sports

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Alex Rodriguez

Another day, another twist in the ongoing saga of Alex Rodriguez.

While most of the country was happily watching the NFL playoffs, a few sports fans probably noticed that one of the most polarizing sports figures of the past decade or so just got nailed with a 162-game suspension, leaving A-Rod out of luck for the 2014 season and costing him some serious cash.

Sure, he has already sued MLB for a number of reasons, but does it really matter? The dude’s legacy will forever be associated with PEDs and this ruling—even if things do get overturned.

With Rodriguez becoming the latest “victim” from all of the PED crap, here are a few other people in sports who have lied and cheated their way to become known as the biggest jerks in sports.

6. Kobe Bryant


We personally love Kobe Bryant, but let’s be honest for a second, this guy is no saint.

Unlike some of the other iconic players in other sports around the globe, Bryant has very little impact besides just being great at basketball.

While others help raise money for charity or give time for others, Kobe focuses on himself—which seems to have worked well based on his five rings.

He’s bashed former teammates, cheated on his wife and remains to think the world of himself though, proving he’s a major jerk—though he’s taken a backseat this year with his recurring injuries sneaking up on him.

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2 responses so far

  • Seinfeld Spinoff

    Mante in the class picture with these cheats and liars? Ever hear of Pete Rose, Ty Cobb, SMU football, Joe Paterno? The writer is a moron.

    • Captain_Sensible50

      I’m not sure that he’s a moron necessarily, but I do think that he went after “low-hanging fruit” here. With the possible exception of Calipari, you’re not exactly going way off on a limb saying that A-Rod or Kobe aren’t the nicest guy around.

      Teo might not belong on the list yet. Couldn’t you put Imaginary Girlfriendgate gate down to just being a very young kid? It was a bad decision, no doubt….but did it really hurt anyone? I think I’d rather see DeMarcus Cousins or Ndamukong Suh on the list. They’ve earned it.



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