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Dec 27 2013

5 Coaches Who Are Bound to Get Canned in 2014

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Now that we’ve gotten through the hectic times of Christmas, we’ve still got New Year’s to live through.

And while some might think that the new year will bring nothing but good luck and new beginnings, in the sports world, it often spells the end for a few coaches.

You see, in nearly every other industry, the holidays are a time to take some time off and enjoy things with friends and family. But in the sports world, it’s anything but.

So whether these coaches will get fired following the soon-to-be completed NFL season, or later in the year in another sport, here’s who to expect will be getting their pink slip in 2014.

5. Will Muschamp, Florida Football


OK, so the Florida Athletics Director has already given the vote of semi-confidence in the fiery head coach of the school’s football team, but after missing out on a bowl game this season, does one really think Will Muschamp is safe?

With a few of his guys transferring recently, the writing might be on the wall sooner rather than later.

Assuming he does get to at least the start of next season, another slow start will have fans in “The Swamp” anxious—meaning Muschamp should be gone.

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