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Dec 18 2013

Who’d You Rather? NBA Style

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Just as you and your buddies either used to or still do sit around and ask each other the most ridiculous questions about, “Who’d you rather?” in terms of girls to hook up with, we’re tossing a pretty good one out there for you to think about too—except ours deal with NBA players and not hot chicks.

With league scoring up and budding superstars finding their way into nearly every city, here are a few basketball debates to ask your friends about.

5. DeAndre Jordan vs. Andre Drummond


Currently sitting third and fourth in the league in rebounds per game, the two big mean are nearly identical versions of each other, so who has the edge?

It really depends on what you’d prefer, the slight scoring edge Drummond has (13.3 to 9.7), or Jordan’s additional blocks per game (2.1 to 1.4)?

Neither one can shoot a basketball to save their lives, with both hovering around a 40 percent free-throw average, but because Drummond is five years younger and still so raw, he’d be our pick in this big-man battle.

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