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Dec 17 2013

The 6 Worst Coaching Hires of the Past 25 Years

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As any good sports fan knows, it takes continuity between a coaching staff and a roster to compete to win for a championship.

So while it’s great to have star players who continuously make All-Star games and earn individual honors, it’s not until those players get a head coach who can challenge them while still babying them a bit that they get led to great heights.

If that’s what star players are looking for, then they should avoid these six coaches, because they are just about the worse head coaching hires of the past 25 years.

6. Mike Brown, L.A. Lakers


Seeing how Mike Brown coached a talent like LeBron James in Cleveland, one wouldn’t think that he had what it takes to coach someone with esteem talent.

That still didn’t hold back the Lakers from hiring Brown before the 2011 season to replace legendary head coach Phil Jackson.

Look, Brown is a hell of a coach, an unbelievable defensive mind and a good guy, but he lacks creativity on the offensive end to ever truly compete for a championship.

As the current head coach of our Cavs, we really hope we’re wrong. It’s just that teams have to be able to score to win, and Brown’s teams just don’t seem to do that enough—at least when it comes to winning championships.

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    How can you leave Josh McDaniels at the Broncos off this list?



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