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Dec 11 2013

Reasons Why Every Dude Needs the App, Cover

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It’s no secret that us guys aren’t exactly all charmers like George Clooney is, which is why we can use as much help as possible to make ourselves a hell of a lot cooler than other dudes.

So now that you’ve actually ironed your clothes, matched your belt with your shoes and actually shaved that five o’clock shadow for your date, what else is there you have to do? Simple, download the app, Cover.

One of the more awkward times of a date is when the server brings the tab and both people look at each other wondering if the bill will be split or if the guy will actually be a gentleman and pick the whole thing up.

But thanks to Cover, it’s no longer an issue, as the user enters in their info just once, tells the server at bill time that they’ll be paying with Cover and leave without any hassle.

Sounds pretty baller, right? It should. Which is why we’re giving you the reasons you need to get the app right now before embarrassing yourself when you forget your wallet in that other pair of pants you tried on before leaving your place.

4. It Makes You Look Big-Time


It’s completely cool to admit that you wish you were known everywhere you go, with servers, bartenders, hell, even patrons recognizing who you are.

But while you’re lacking in celebrity status, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to accept it by just falling in with the other schmucks.

Cover might not make that $200 bill for a fancy dinner any cheaper, but the appearance of you just walking out with your date upon finishing it will make it seem like you’re a VIP who just got the hook up from the chef and wait staff.

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