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Dec 09 2013

Introducing the World’s Thinnest Condom

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Showering with a raincoat has never been this awesome. Japan just broke its own record for the “world’s thinnest” condom when Sagami Original announced its ultra-light, polyurethane condom measuring at 0.01 millimeter. That’s 0.01 millimeter thinner than the company’s last iteration of the contraceptive tool, and one-sixth the width of the average human hair, according to Condom-Sizes.org. The race for the thinnest condom may sound like a safety risk, but the company has conducted stress tests on 25,000 condoms. [Continue Reading]

I’m pretty sure we’d all be living in straw huts rubbing our hands over a fire if it wasn’t for the Japanese. Asians are so freakin’ smart it’s incredible. BUT – and there’s always a but – a condom that is one-sixth the width of human hair. I’m really not going to feel safe going into battle with that guy. Just saying…

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