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Dec 04 2013

6 Sports Movie Characters We’d Love to Slug in the Face

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We all know that sports movies can be the greatest—giving us some amazing Hollywood moments that either bring us tears of joy, or tears of sorrow.

But one other thing that some good sports flicks do is give us some damn good characters, too!

So while we all love guys like Happy Gilmore, Rocky and Gordon Bombay, there are a few others who we really wouldn’t think twice about slugging right in the face—and these are those six.

6. Russ Tyler, D2: The Mighty Ducks


While we all may heckle other players during sporting events, Russ Tyler from D2 turned it into something that should all make us reconsider—because it’s annoying as all hell!

Tyler is the type of kid who seems jealous of his peers for being able to play in the Junior Goodwill Games, but he’s stuck in the stands.

Of course, that all changes when he gets recruited to play for Team USA thanks to his signature knucklepuck, but we’ll tell you what, even if we were Charlie Conway and just won the gold medal, we’d want to hit Russ a couple times just to remind him who the big dog really is.

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