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Dec 03 2013

The 6 Greatest Plays from the Auburn-Alabama Game

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Unless you’re the worst sports fan on the entire planet, we’re guessing that you watched this year’s version of the Iron Bowl between Auburn and Alabama this past weekend.

And we’re also guessing that if for some God-awful reason you were stuck in a traffic jam, didn’t have radio reception and were forced to hearing about it, you probably have seen the highlights from the game on TV and are stunned by one of the most outrageous endings to a football game ever.

But unless you watched the whole thing through, seeing some of the key turning points between the two rivals, you probably don’t understand why this is being labeled as one of the best games ever—so we’re breaking it down for you.

6. The Off-Setting Penalties


This is something that a lot of people aren’t talking about, but it’s a penalty that nearly could have lost the game for the Tigers.

With just over four minutes left in the game—and Bama leading by seven—all Auburn had to do was stay smart, tough and hope they could stop the Tide from milking the clock.

They ended up doing that, but not without a little bit of help from some boneheaded plays in the end zone by opposing players who swung and shoved each other, luckily (for Auburn) having them offset.

If Bama player DeAndrew White avoids retaliating in that instance, the Tide seemingly would have rolled to another victory and, perhaps, played in a third-straight national title game.

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