. The Worst Things About Dating a Vegetarian |

Oct 24 2013

The Worst Things About Dating a Vegetarian

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As we told you the other day when we gave you some of the most ridiculously giant hamburgers we’ve ever seen, one thing that every single dude loves is meat.

We’re not talking about just a few pieces of turkey on a sandwich for lunch, but a juicy, 10-ounce steak wrapped in bacon.

But one thing that can throw a big wrench in how a guy might eat on a regular basis is the chick he dates—especially if she’s a vegetarian.

Since my older sister is one herself, I’ve had to deal with the fallout a few times myself, but not as bad as my brother-in-law, who has to deal with these terrible things about dating—or in his case, being married—to a vegetarian.

6. Kissing Your Favorite Steakhouse Goodbye


As we mentioned above, there’s nothing more satisfying for a guy and food than ordering himself a nice, giant slab of meat.

But the problem with dating a vegetarian is that when you want to celebrate that promotion or your birthday by chomping on some meat, your significant other won’t be as excited about heading down to a place called “The Steak Pit.”

With limited veggie options for her, you might as well just get used to seeing what restaurants offer her more than just a simple salad to watch you chow down.

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  • snarkwaupaca

    Been married to one for 14 years. It is not like this if you are 1/4 of a man and just say “NO, I eat meat” and cook it yourself, Go out with your buddies to your steakhouse. I’m not saying you should be a dick. Eat at vegetarian friendly restaurants(thai or middle eastern). Also, I got to drop her PETA membership after months of abuse from me about them trying to change My beloved Packers to the Pickers… It is no where near this bad if you have an ounce of backbone.



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