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Oct 03 2013

The World’s Drunkest Countries

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Americans love to drink. That’s not exactly news. But what you might not realize is that when it comes to degenerate drunkenness, we are but mere amateurs when compared to the countries on this list. It makes sense when you consider that America is only a couple hundred years old – about the equivalent of a teenager in country years – while these other countries have had centuries to slowly obliterate their livers and learn how to talk to the cops without slurring their speech. Indeed, they are the nine drunkest countries in the world. -Neil Bulson

[Click this link to see the 9 Drunkest Countries]

Well, if you’ve been to one of these countries you know that they get it in much more than we do in the United States. I wasn’t surprised to see the number one country although some of the other places were somewhat surprising.

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