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Sep 20 2013

Weird Things Athletes Have Tried Getting Insured

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Insurance. We all hate having it, but know that it’s pretty crucial when you drunkenly jump over a fence and face plant, knocking out your front teeth and causing you thousands in damage.

Unlike us normal people though, athletes have a few things that are a little bit more important to them than just their front teeth—though we promise we’re not trying to downplay you looking like a moron without them.

With millions of dollars riding on certain body parts, here are some of the weird things some of our favorite athletes have tried to get some insurance on.

7. Joba Chamberlain, Pitcher – Right Arm


Before the Yanks reliever seemed to have lost his mojo, Joba was the talk of the Bronx with his fastball and devastating intensity in setting-up Mariano Rivera.

Given some arm trouble and a dip in his performance, it was probably the best call for him to take out a $5 million policy on his throwing arm in case anything happens.

In the words of the insurer, “Joba could go get hit by a bus, but we made sure he was providing for his economic future.”

Must be nice having a mediocre career become an easy lotto ticket.

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