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Sep 16 2013

The 6 Worst Times to Get a Tattoo

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If you’ve ever read any of our stuff, you probably know that we really like to mention the thought process that should be taken into getting a tattoo—key word, “should.”

But as we’ve shown you plenty of times, there aren’t always people who are reasonable enough to take the time to sit back and really figure out if what they’re about to get inked on them for the rest of life is a good or bad idea.

Since we were sober for one of our tats, a little drunk for the other one and got kicked out while trying to get another one because we were too blacked out, we’re giving you the six worst times anyone should get a tattoo.

6. At a Sketchy Tattoo Shop


You might be wondering what in the hell this actually means, but instead of worrying about bad needles or something that could really mess you up with an infection—though be cautious of that too—we’re actually referring to an artist who just seems to be a little off.

You know, the guy who misspells a word or looks like he was the kid who had trouble staying in the lines during middle school art class.

Unless you want to end up on one of those “regrettable tattoos” lists, make sure to never trust these places.

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