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Aug 22 2013

The 6 Worst Things About Sharing a Birthday

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Now don’t get be wrong, I love my two sisters and wouldn’t trade them or anything about my upbringing. But I have to admit that I always wondered what it would be like to have a brother.

So when my older sister got hitched last year, I technically gained one, giving me the opportunity to talk mano e mano with another dude who was kind of like my brother.

I could get into trouble and tell him about it. Talk to him about girls without judgment and finally had a golfing/drinking partner on the weekends.

But the one downfall about adding this great guy to our family? He shares a birthday with me.

So from now until the day we die, it’s not just my special day, but ours together.

This sucks, and we’re going to tell you exactly why it does.

6. The Day’s Not All About You


By far, the best thing about having a birthday is that you get to spoil yourself, be a brat and get away with mostly anything.

That might sound extremely immature for someone who’s about to turn 29 years old in three weeks, but until we’re told otherwise, we’re going to celebrate the damn day as if there’s nothing important going on outside of ourselves.

When someone else close to you does the same though, it’s a bit of a conflict.

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