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Jun 21 2013

How to Be a Rival Sports Fan in a Different City

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Being a sports fan can be hard work.

From investing a ton of time and energy into your own team to rooting for the underdog after your squad fails to make it to the championship—like we’re doing in this year’s NBA Finals—we have some major decisions to make.

One of those very tough calls is how to rep your team in a city that doesn’t call it home.

For instance, living in Seattle, it can be tough to talk Cleveland sports nonstop—especially when the Indians are in town.

But we’ll try our best to help you out so not to embarrass yourself as long as you follow these rules.

6. Mutual Respect For the City’s Team


OK, so this might be the most important thing to remember when you’re in a city where your sports alliances aren’t exactly appreciated.

People will look at you as the enemy already when you’re wearing rival colors around town, so don’t hurt yourself even more by disrespecting their fans or organization by doing or saying something you might regret.

Banter back and forth is expected, but a full-on ass beating is not.

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