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May 15 2013

6 Foods to Avoid Eating in Front of a Girl

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If there’s one thing most people are big on, it’s the first impression.

Though we might see the sexiest girl we’ve ever laid eyes on, if we talk to that girl and she falls flat on her face—not literally, that’d be a little weird—than we usually overlook her looks and label her a dud.

One way to absolutely ruin a good first impression is with both your dinner manners and breath.

That’s why we’re giving you six foods that you should never eat in front of a girl for fear that she’ll never ever call you again because you look straight-up nasty while eating it.

6. Taco Bell


While we all love grabbing a little fourth meal after a night on the town, there’s no denying that it’s not only something that will make your breath kickin’, but it’s also not the highest-classed food out there, meaning you come across as extremely cheap.

Even if your lady friend doesn’t openly admit she hates you eating this junk food, when you’re about 20 pounds overweight come bathing suit season, she’ll probably let you have it.

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