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Apr 08 2013

4 Reasons Why Golf Absolutely Sucks

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We’re on record as saying that being a professional golfer is the best job in the entire world. If you really want our case, here you go. Our Uncle worked 45 years at a factory in Northeastern Ohio, retired at the age of 66, and packed-up his suitcase to move to South Carolina so he could “enjoy the courses every day he wanted to.” Yet you’re telling us that a kid like Rory McIlroy has to practice from the age of 5-years-old, and by the time he’s 21, can make millions of dollars playing a game every day of his life? Anyone want to question why a pro golfer’s the best job?

Now we’re not idiotic enough to think it’s that easy, but the point is, pro golfers are getting paid to play a game for a living that people actually work their entire lives to try and retire to play.

When we play golf, we may have the occasional par (or even birdie), but keeping it under a hundo is usually a good day for us. For that reason alone, we’re telling you why golf is the most frustrating thing on this planet—yes, even more than walking away from a girl with blue balls.

$50 to Play a Game We’re Miserable At


Bottom line, golf’s expensive, and we’d rather drop the double-nickel on a bar tab, where we can do something we’re good at, talking, rather than spend it sweating on a golf course, chasing our ball over thousands of yards worth of area.

We’ll meet you at the 19th hole for some brews pal, ’cause if your game’s anything like ours, God knows you’ll need them.

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