. Pollution Causing Otter Penises to Shrink |

Feb 28 2013

Pollution Having Detrimental Effects on Otter’s Junk – Warning Sign for Humans

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Researchers studying over a decade’s worth of dead otters in Britain have concluded that pollution is most likely the cause of weiner shrinkage in the water-loving mammals. According to The Telegraph, scientists from the Cardiff University Otter Project and the Chemicals, Health and Environment Monitoring Trust have been monitoring the otter population for many years, and this month published a report based on 755 otters that died between 1992 and 2009. According to its website, the Cardiff University Otter Project was founded in 1992 to collect dead otters across England and Wales in order to study tissue samples and monitor aquatic contamination. [Continue Reading]

Just when you thought this day couldn’t get any worse now we have to worry about pollution shrinking our weenpieces. I mean isn’t life hard enough as it is? For those of you who didn’t click on the article link it basically said that Otters are losing size because of pollution and WE ARE NEXT! Time to go green now or we’ll be screwed…

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