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Feb 28 2013

20 Things You Should Never Wear In Public

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We’re not saying we have the best fashion sense, but we’d like to think we know what looks good.

After walking around town and seeing people who are still wearing things like jean shorts and pajama pants, we just couldn’t resist letting our frustration come out through our writing today.

That’s why we’re politely giving you the 20 things that you may be able to get away wearing around your house alone, but should never let anyone else even have a chance to see you donning.

You’ve been warned.


20. Cut-Off Shirts

What’s the point of wearing a shirt without the sleeves?

Chances are you’re doing it to stay cool somewhere right? Well we’re guessing that the same places you’d appropriately get away with wearing a sleeveless shirt are similar to spots that would just let you go shirtless, so just do that.

You look like a dirt ball in just a cut-off.

19. Baggy Jeans

Most of us probably had Jnco’s while growing up, but that doesn’t mean you need to show your inner skater by dusting those things off and wearing them around these days.

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