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Feb 27 2013

Our Favorite Badasses From Movies

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If there’s one thing every guy wants to be known as, it’s a badass. Coming in many different forms, some consider the guy who walks into a bar, rips a couple shots of whisky and waltz’s out with the hottest girl to be just that.

Others prefer the dude who calmly tries to break-up an argument between two people, punching out the culprit and taking matters into his own hands should things get out of hand.

Whatever your preference is, here are our favorite badasses from movies in the past ten years.

8. Ryan Reynolds – Smokin’ Aces


Reynolds tries his hand at this gory flick that involved the tracking down of an alleged mafia boss with insider info to the mob.

Enduring struggle and an all-out shootout just to try and piece together the puzzle that’s going on, he has his fair share of baddassery moments—most notably the end scene.

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