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Feb 26 2013

5 Things No Guy Should Ever Worry About

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To put it simple here, we’re guys.

We shouldn’t spend too much time getting ready before going out.

We should never turn down a beer for something that ends with “-lini.”

And there’s no reason to ever regret spending too much out last night if it ended with you and some buddies telling epic stories around a breakfast table by about 2pm.

Since we all need a gut-check every once in awhile, here are five things to remember no man should ever worry about.

5. The Way Their Hair Looks


No one wants a bad hair day, and it’s only natural for guys to freak out once their mop gets a little thinner on top, but under no circumstances should you ask either your girlfriend or buddies how it looks.

Not only does it make you appear soft, but what else are they honestly going to tell you? That it looks like sh*t?

There’s a reason why you have hands, to fix and comb it if it’s raining or a gust of wind messes it up.

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