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Feb 19 2013

The 8 Ways to Tell if You’re a Giant Horn Ball

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Like most guys, we’re guessing you really like staring at hot girls.

Besides the fact that you’re even on our site right now after being linked-up from somewhere else because you saw a sexy lady wearing next-to-nothing, every dude wishes they could get laid at the snap of their fingers.

Even though you’re in the midst of a pretty bad dry spell with the chicks, doesn’t mean you still don’t do everything you can to bang out, which is why we’re giving you the eight reasons you’re still a giant horn ball.

8. You Have an Adult FriendFinder Account


Sure, we all know people who make a killing slinging it on Match.com, but for the most part people only join Match because they’re either new to a a city and bored sitting around by themselves, or they really just want to meet the girl of their dreams.

Adult Friend Finder’s strictly for hooking-up, hands-down. In fact, if you try to take a girl to dinner that you’ve met on there, chances are she’d be less interested in you.

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