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Feb 15 2013

The 8 Worst Things About the NBA All-Star Game

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This weekend brings us yet another NBA All-Star Game, meaning we’ll see loads of celebrities trying to play basketball, and actual basketball players doing anything but.

Thanks to the mega-endorsements and fanfare that have come along with the weekend festivities, it’s sadly become the Super Bowl 2.0.

Even more sad is the fact that we’ll probably all watch the sh*ttiness of the skills competition and game since we have nothing better to do.

But just because we watch, doesn’t mean we like, which is why we’re giving you the eight worst things about the entire weekend.

8. The Game Itself


If you’ve ever watch an NBA All-Star Game, it’s no secret that it’s boring as hell until about midway through the 4th quarter when a couple of the megastars like Kobe and LeBron tell their teammates it’s time to get real.

For the first three-in-a-half quarters though? Nothing but showboating, one-on-one basketball and zero defense.

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